This is a fork of github-mermaid-extension. The original repo hasn't been updated for a while, which called for action.

The benefit of regular updates that the exact same diagrams as being generated on the mermaid-live-editor to be used in the MD files you use in GitHub.

More About the mermaid syntax here.

With in any md file, all blocks starting with ```mermaid will render a diagram instead of showing code. An example for the following state diagram would be rendered as such.

    [*] --> Still
    Still --> [*]
    Still --> Moving
    Moving --> Still
    Moving --> Crash
    Crash --> [*]

A direct competitor to mermaid is the already matured plant UML but the much younger mermaid has the unpreceded advantage of being a local only javascript code which is imposible to compromise corporate data, since it works offline, just like this browser extension.

Currently mermaid supports Flow, Gantt and Pie Chart as well as Sequence, Class, State, and ER diagrams.

The current and versions are

mermaid-extension 2.0.0
mermaid 8.9.1

Git sites enabled
Build separately for several browser and confirmed working on the following versions
Chrome 88.0 manual ❌
Firefox 86.0 in store ✅
Opera 68.0 in store ✅
Edge 88.0 in review

Chrome Installation Process

1. Download the extension zip

2. Extract the zip file into a folder.

3. paste the follwing in the url bar:


4. Hit "Developer Mode: Enable".

5. Load Unpacked: and select the extracted folder.

6. Examples of drawn diagrams using the extension example

Firefox Installation Process

On the Mozilla Addons Page install the addon. Once installed the following examples should be rendering.

Opera Installation Process

On the Opera Addons Page install the addon. Once installed the following examples should be rendering.

Edge Installation Process

On the Microsoft Partner Addons Page. If you get the "the page you requested cannot be found" error it is because it is still in review. If installed the following' examples should be rendering.

In the time being, the can be used in compatability mode.

Extension Code License: MIT © 2021
Current Page License: All Rights Reserved © 2021 Stefan Spasovski
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